The Legacy of a Leader

Series Description

Your Legacy Lasts Forever

Part of the Tech-Prize process is recognizing what a company means to its community. In “The Legacy of a Leader”  series we’re partnering with some of the greatest creators and brands in Southeastern Wisconsin to tell their story. By combining video interviews, historical photographs, text information, and additional virtual reality experiences, your history can come to life in an interactive way for generations to come.

The Origin of Innovation. Starting at the early days of product inception and design, we’ll look at the risks taken by the founding members of a business, whose entrepreneurial spirit guided the concept through initial doubts and uncertainties, into a company of endless opportunity. We’ll look at the specific innovations and developments that allowed a young business to scale into something much more.

An Industry Leader. Showcase first hand why your company is a great place to work for the most talented professionals entering your industry. We jump from the past to the present, highlighting the innovative products and services you’re working on now, with a hint of what might be on the horizon with future developments.

A Legacy That Lasts Forever. After telling the story of where you came from, and where you’re going, we look at the big picture impact of your company by discussing the difference you’ve made by creating jobs, contributing to a regional economy, and supporting nonprofit efforts through philanthropic giving.

Tech-Prize Content Details

“The Legacy of Business” and all Tech-Prize media content is made possible by our generous donors. All creative content is produced at-cost in partnership with Echo Eternal Media Group.

Finalized works will be displayed on, Tech-Prize social media accounts, and as interactive exhibits in the Tech-Verse, a virtual museum gallery that uses metaverse technology to create 3D experiences through virtual and augmented reality.