Early Stage Fundraising

Early Stage Fundraising

What will you learn? In this session, Leslee Cohen will provide a layperson’s explanation of the laws underlying early-stage fundraising.  She will also discuss the differences between convertible notes, SAFEs, and straight equity offerings in addition to Series A...
Early Stage Fundraising

Alternative financing for startups and beyond

Moderator Arlene Martin, Vice President – SBA Lending Panel Members Nancy Kalman, Sr. Business Development Officer, United Capital Funding Dylan Morgan, EVP, Prairie Business Credit Will Kemp, VP Republic Business Capital What will you learn There are times in a...
SBA financing-  Access to funding your venture.

SBA financing- Access to funding your venture.

We will solve the mysteries of SBA Financing! Join us to learn how SBA financing really works. A panel of industry experts shares best practices to guide you through the process. What will you learn? What are the benefits available for early-stage companies? How can...