Coding Competition

Coding teams will have two full days to complete their project and present it to the competition judges.  The teams will select from a list of Racine SMART City initiatives which project to develop.  This coding event will offer talented programmers the opportunity to measure their capabilities and to compare themselves to other programmers.

Location: Gateway Technical College,  3rd Floor Technical Building,1001 Main St, Racine

When: August 5, 8 AM to August 6,10 PM

Rules and Guidelines

All the data in the world in 1990 fit inside of a physical space of two (2) marbles.  All the data in 2020 fits inside of thirty (30) basketballs, all data in 2025 is projected to require one hundred and fifty (150) basketballs of space.

Our community desires to recognize how the world is transforming and establish community based process that provides the knowledge, skills, motivation, and jobs to make Racine and the Wisconn Valley the coding “Silicon Valley” of the Midwest.

The coding completion seeks to bring our community together to teach these skills and solve these problems

Registration is Open Now

The registration for the Coding Competition is open now through July 1, 2020. Click the button below for the online form.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Coding Competition?

August 5, 8 AM to August 6,10 PM

Who can participate in the competition?

  • The event is open to all age groups, teams ranging from 2 to 6 members. All members must be registered.  For those under the age of 18, they must have a parental release to participate.
  • Competition Groups
    • 3rd to 8th Grade
    • 9th to 12th Grade
    • College/Open

What is the process during the competition?


  • Competition pre-registration is open March 16 through July 10th.  Please use the button above to register.
  • Event Day site registration is open from 7 to 8 am on August 5th at the Gateway Technical College, IT Center of Excellence, Technical Building, 3rd Floor, 1001 Main Street Racine, WI
  • This is a 36-hour competition that will run from 8am, August 5th, continuously through 8 pm, August 6th.
  • All persons under the age of 18 will have to stop work at 10 pm and return in the morning at 7 am to resume coding.
  • Competitors will be able to utilize gaming systems located on the floor to relax.
  • Presentation and judging will occur at Gateway’s Conference Center August 6, starting at 8 PM. Awards will be presented upon completion.  We would like all award winners to come to the awards ceremony on Sunday, August 9th.

What skills do I need to participate?

If you can play any board or computer game we will teach you to code.

How will the professional judging work?

  1. Team to identify problem to solve SMART City Initiatives (Above) – 10 percent
  2. Team to define the problem to solve (Story Book) – 15 percent
  3. Team to create working Demo – 50 percent
  4. Team to document marketing viability (Value) – 15 percent
  5. Team presentation to judges and public – 10 percent

Form Your Team Today

Teams can be in any of these categories: middle school, high school, college/university, or professionals.  All will have the opportunity to win cash awards, all will be recognized for their effort.