Forge Your Future

Tech-Prize is all about moving futures forward.

We seek out great ideas in our annual Idea Competition, and integrate them into our incubator funding and growth process to develop them into fully functioning businesses that are ready to pitch for large-scale investors at our Pitch Competitions.

Last year we awarded over $80,000 to local and global participants. We’re scaling that number as the number of event competitors grow.

We’re more than an incubator and idea aggregator. We involve all participants in our mentorship and success process, meeting them wherever they’re at in their professional journey. We work on providing the secret sauce to success, the things they don’t teach you in the classroom. A guiding set of principles and actions that transcend industry, leading to continuous improvement and opportunity.  

We encourage you to interact with any of these events and competitions to create your path to greatness.

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Bring your best ideas and compete for cash & scholarship prizes. Tech-Prize offers mentoring and engagement in the incubator process to help develop and launch ideas into a product and sustainable business.  All participants will get to network with innovative peers, brands, and industry professionals virtually and in-person at our annual event. Top participants walk away with cash prizes and other exciting oppurtunities.


Calling all entrepreneurs that have developed their idea and business approach to the level that they are seeking funding, assistance, or mentoring to grow their business.  VC investors and businesses will be present to listen to your pitch once it’s ready for the big leagues. Got a great idea or a new business? We’re here to help you fine tune a few details to get you ready to pitch, and achieve success. The competition itself will hone the “Pitch” for the individual or team, provide cash awards, space for business start-up, mentoring, and legal assistance to help enable your start-up.

Tech-Shop Online learning


On select Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year

Tech-Shops provide an introduction to basic concepts involved in the overall Tech-Prize process, ideation, and business start-ups.



  • IP Protection
  • Business Plan  Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Financial Plan Development
  • Funding Options
    • Venture Capital / Angel Investors
    • Banking
    • Stock Options


Establishing a community-based process that provides the knowledge, skills, motivation, and jobs to make Southeastern Wisconsin the coding “Silicon Valley ” of the Midwest. With jobs in coding ranging from $50k/yr to $200k/yr. Let’s bring those job skills to our local community. Engage in various coding, web 4.0 and other future forward speaking events, boot camps, and more throughout the community. We would ask that anyone who has this interest in coding come and participate. Let’s get the best coders in our community engaged and learning from each other.

Community Events

Join Tech-Prize during our annual event for 11 days of celebrating the entrepreneurial experience. This includes social events at a number of iconic establishments in Southeastern Wisconsin. Check back soon for 2022 dates and locations.


Join us for Family-friendly events that celebrate Racine’s spirit and history of innovation as well!

Tech-Prize Is Moving Futures Forward

We do it every day by understanding the practices of some of the greatest creators, companies, and leaders across the world, and applying them to the processes of the people and places that we work with throughout our community.

We’re supporting growth and creation through our annual idea and pitch competition, where we work with innovators and entrepreneurs to help them launch a product or develop a business, have the opportunity to pitch and display that plan for cash awards, scholarships, and investments.

In 2021 we awarded over $58,000 to local and international participants. As the number of competitors grows we’ll conitnue to scale that number in 2022 and beyond.

Students can maximize their potential, by identifying where their greatest interests and efforts are, and incorporating the best education opportunities for them, as they’re ready to start their career and take on that first great job. We can make connections with companies looking to hire those talented and motivated people within their industry.

We do this through our database and matching algorithm combined with the human element of mentorship and guidance.

We recognize the institutions, organizations, and companies that are doing great work, and help them do it more efficiently. Tech-Prize can help you define and create a culture that attracts and retains talented employees, and fosters pride within your communities and industries.  

Don’t follow your passion. Follow your effort.

When you work hard at something you become good at it.

  1. When you become good at doing something, you will enjoy it more.
  2. When you enjoy doing something, there is a very good chance you will become passionate or more passionate about it
  3. When you are good at something, passionate and work even harder to excel and be the best at it, good things happen.

Tech-Prize helps students and young professionals identify where their efforts are the strongest, and how to leverage that into a brighter future.


 Time is the most valuable asset we cannot own. How you use or don’t use your time is going to be the biggest indicator of where your future is heading. 




The industry that you apply your skillset in is just as important as your skillset itself.  Get exclusive networking, mentorship, and cash prizes by participating in one of our events below.

 Be a Host

Hosted In The Birthplace of American Innovation

Tech-Prize attracts thousands of visitors to Downtown Racine, Wi to take part in an exciting display of next generation ideas. Inventors will display designs from every technological discipline in our store fronts, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, police station, library, museum and more. Racine once held more patents per capita than anywhere in the world. So we’re paying homage to that innovative past while looking forward to the bright future being created here.

 How does it work? There is no limit on how many exhibits a business can host. A small exhibit may need just a table space, while others may require more elaborate space. Please fill this form and your information will be electronically matched with potential exhibitors best fitted for your location.

“City of Racine is ready to host  Tech-Prize”

I am excited to see that the Thriving Economy Wave team is working on Ambitious and Grand Initiatives like TECH-PRIZE that will kick-start the growth of our community in multiple dimensions such as commerce, trade, and tourism while providing a platform for intellectual growth through technology competition.”

Tom Buhler, founder VGR

“My team is excited to welcome innovators and technologists during Tech Prize.”

We have a safe, friendly and inviting lakefront community with a rich history and diverse culture. Come for exploring new technology and innovation, as well as our great food, fun attractions, and community amenities. Our team of peace officers will be on hand to promote a safe and secure environment and memorable experience during your stay. 

Art Howell, chief of police (Retired)

“TECH-PRIZE to carry the tradition of  the leadership in Innovation and Industry”

“For virtually our entire history, Racine County has been a leader in innovation and industry. We recognize the potential of Tech-Prize to help carry on this tradition, and we hope students become involved and inspired.”

Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive