Tech-prize Racine WI

An initiative of Visioning A Greater Racine

Racine Tech Price 2020

Sep 10, 2021 – September 18, 2021

Invention City – Racine Wisconsin

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September 10-18, 2021 

Designed for people with newer ideas to submit and compete for prizes that include cash, mentoring, and engagement in the incubator process to help develop those ideas. Ideas will be posted in the downtown storefronts. The public will be voting on their favorite ideas. The ideas with the most votes will win the top 3 prizes. All participants will get to network with innovative peers, sponsors, and mentors that can help make their ideas a reality.  


September 10 – 11, 2021

Designed to recognize how the world is transforming and establish a community-based process that provides the knowledge, skills, motivation, and jobs to make Racine and our region the coding “Silicon Valley ” of the Midwest. Jobs in coding range from $50k/yr to $150k/yr. Let’s get those skills in our community. The coding completion also seeks to bring our community together to teach these skills and solve the problems we need to solve. We would ask that anyone who has this interest in coding come and participate. Let’s get the best coders in our community engaged and learning from each other, sharing their skills and ideas with people that are just starting, create some great applications for our community, win scholarships and recognition and overall have a great time. 


September 18, 2021 8:00 AM

Seeks entrepreneurs that have developed their idea and business approach to the level that they are seeking funding, assistance, or mentoring to launch their idea. The goal of hosting the Pitch Competition is to truly enable your great idea in the world. VC investors and businesses will be present to listen to your pitch. Great ideas are expected to receive offers to help enable the launch of the product or service. The competition itself will hone the “Pitch” for the individual or team, provide cash awards, space for business start-up, mentoring, and legal assistance to help enable your start-up for the top three winners.

Tech-Shop Online learning


On select Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year

Tech-Shops will provide an introduction to the process of innovation and idea creation to support the three objectives of Tech-Prize, Smart”, Industrial, and Open categories.


On select Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year

Educational Workshops and Group Discussions on topics of  Ideation and Business Start-up.

  • IP Protection
  • Business Plan  Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Financial Plan Development
  • Funding Options
    • Venture Capital / Angel Investors
    • Banking
    • Stock Options

Community Events

September 10-18, 2021 On Main St Racine

Join Tech-Prize for 11 days of family-friendly events that celebrate Racine’s spirit of innovation.

Racine Tech Price 2020

September 10 – 18, 2021

Invention City – Racine Wisconsin

Be a Host

Show your Racine Hospitality.

This festival will attract thousands of visitors to Downtown Racine to take part in an exciting display of next generation ideas. Inventors will display designs from every technological discipline in our store fronts, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, police station, library, museum and any other space desired Host locations will get to demonstrate the outstanding culture and hospitality that racine offers and thousands of people experience the idea presentations. In similar events, establishments that host exhibits have seen 4-20 fold increase in daily revenue during the event How does it work? There is no limit on how many exhibits a business can host. A small exhibit may need just a table space, while others may require more elaborate space. Please fill this form and your information will be electronically matched with potential exhibitors best fitted for your location.

“City of Racine is ready to host  Tech-Prize”

I am excited to see that the Thriving Economy Wave team is working on Ambitious and Grand Initiatives like TECH-PRIZE that will kick-start the growth of our community in multiple dimensions such as commerce, trade, and tourism while providing a platform for intellectual growth through technology competition.”

Tom Buhler, founder VGR

“My team is excited to welcome innovators and technologists during Tech Prize.”

We have a safe, friendly and inviting lakefront community with a rich history and diverse culture. Come for exploring new technology and innovation, as well as our great food, fun attractions, and community amenities. Our team of peace officers will be on hand to promote a safe and secure environment and memorable experience during your stay. 

Art Howell, chief of police (Retired)

“TECH-PRIZE to carry the tradition of  the leadership in Innovation and Industry”

“For virtually our entire history, Racine County has been a leader in innovation and industry. We recognize the potential of Tech-Prize to help carry on this tradition, and we hope students become involved and inspired.”

Jonathan Delagrave, Racine County Executive

Become a Sponsor

What does sponsorship mean to you and our community?

Sponsorship of the competition is designed to motivate the innovation spirit and enable the following for the Racine community: – Become a recognized leader in Technology through Innovation – Establish Racine as a destination – Provide opportunities for our citizens – Enhance our community so that individuals to want to live, work and play in Racine Wisconsin and our broader region – Every, citizen, public servant, student and the employer will benefit through this process – Lead this community to the future by sponsoring the Tech-Prize competitions  



Participants will compete for prizes in the forms of cash, scholarship, idea sponsorship, and employment opportunities. The additional value will be gained through the learning in the tech and biz-shops, the networking and introduction to potential clients and investors

Jeff Daniel and Ray Koukari discuss Tech-Prize on WGTD 91.1 FM Kenosha

Listen to the Tech-Prize team discuss exciting details of the Tech-Prize event with Dr, Bryan Albrecht, on his weekly radio broadcast. In this segment, you learn details of the Tech-Prize event taking place from September 10-18, 2021 in Racine, Wi. Ray and Jeff will be sharing the background, competitions, competitors, impact on the community, and how to get involved.